“Friendship is like pralines...
it comes in all colours, shapes and sizes.”

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Share & enjoy these affordable indulgences whenever the fancy takes you

Our story

Miss Gavarny de Belgique, a young and perhaps slightly spoiled Belgian countess, has invented her own romantic world of chocolate, indulgence & pleasure, inspired by the refined aristocratic society of the 18th century.

Now you too can share and enjoy the frivolous pleasures of her favourite délices. Miss Gavarny invites you to sample her exquisitely crafted, premium Belgian chocolates in a tempting array of colours, shapes & sizes. Choose among cocoa-dusted or flaked truffles, delectable pralines, layered confections or petite bolitas and be swept away by the thrill of discovery.

Our Products

Miss Gavarny de Belgique, always ready to share her passion for novelties, has developed her own romantic world of chocolate, indulgence & pleasure. She welcomes you to discover her all-time favourite delights, exquisitely crafted, premium Belgian chocolates of for you to share and enjoy in a truly aristocratic style … any time you choose.


The purity and refinement of Miss Gavarny’s signature chocolate recipes are sure to enchant even the most discerning chocolate-lover. Each delicious morsel, in dark chocolate filled with honey caramel & elderflower ganache or white chocolate with vanilla & cranberry, is inscribed with Miss Gavarny’s own monogram . All beautifully boxed and ready for you to share … or simply to spoil yourself. 

Cocoa Dusted Truffles

What could be better than smooth truffle filling dusted with bitter cocoa? Miss Gavarny de Belgique invites you to sample her Belgian Cocoa Dusted Truffles in classic gourmet flavours: original, raspberry and marc de champagne. Try them all yourself … or share with a friend.

Flaked Truffles

Miss Gavarny’s exquisite Flaked Truffles are smooth, soft and carefully choreographed to melt in your mouth at just the right moment. Enrobed in Gudrun’s signature recipe chocolate, they are rolled in delicate, freshly shaved chocolate flakes. Choose from milk, white, dark chocolate … or ravissante ruby truffles.


Perfectly petite and round, Miss Gavarny’s favourite Bolitas are made of 100% premium Belgian chocolate with soft truffle filling. Wrapped in colourful foil for freshness and flavour, each colour hints at the delights inside: milk or dark chocolate with luscious dorado filling, or white chocolate with raspberry … go ahead, take a chance & indulge.

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