the story

Miss Gavarny de Belgique is a young Belgian countess – perhaps slightly spoiled – who lived in the highly sophisticated and refined aristocratic society of the 18th century.
Inspired by the decadent life of her French cousine Marie-Antoinette, our Miss Gavarny created her own romantic world of chocolate, indulgence and pleasure.

Les délices
After discovering the occult arts of the master chocolatier, she created a selection of her all-time favourite délices – exquisitely crafted, premium Belgian chocolates of the finest quality. For her, they embodied the thrill of discovery – what was once served only as beverage could now be consumed as petits morceaux of all colours, shapes and sizes, from coco-encrusted truffles to enrobed pralines to layered confections. Her insatiable appetite for novelty had finally met its match! Today, new combinations can be devised for every season – for every occasion, a new fantasy . . .

The thrill of discovery lives on!

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