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Based on her thrilling and decadent life, Miss Gavarny developed her own romantic world of chocolate, indulgence and pleasure. She welcomes you to discover her all-time favourite délices – exquisitely crafted, premium Belgian chocolates of the finest quality.

Allow yourself to be seduced by her delicious creations… The thrill of discovery lives on!

Cocoa dusted truffles

One of Miss Gavarny’s favourite treats is a smooth truffle filling finely dusted with bitter cocoa powder, better known as the Belgian Cocoa Dusted Truffles. This sweet cocoa experience features top quality truffle filling and 18% cocoa content. To cater the needs of all her friends, Miss Gavarny offers a selection of classic gourmet flavours: original, orange and marc de champagne.
She invites you to try them all…

Flaked truffles

Flaked Truffles are a unique Belgian tradition with a large international following. Miss Gavarny’s signature truffle fillings are smooth, soft and carefully choreographed to melt in your mouth at the right moment. After being enrobed in our own signature recipe chocolate, they are gently rolled in freshly shaved chocolate flakes to tickle the tongue. Our standard Flaked Truffle flavours are milk, white and dark chocolate. For Miss Gavarny, though, we simply had to add one with champagne!


Miss Gavarny loves to indulge and what better way to do so than with her small and round Bolitas. They are made of 100% premium Belgian chocolate with soft truffle filling. They are served in colourful foil wrappers to keep them fresh and flavourful. Each colour will let you discover a different flavour. From milk chocolate to dark and dark-cappuccino.
And who knows which flavours she will surprise us with in the future…


Truly fine Belgian chocolates – we like to call them pralines – enchant on all levels. Miss Gavarny’s signature chocolate recipes are carefully selected for their ability to please all the senses: exquisitely balanced flavour, heady aroma, smooth texture, delicate crunch and lasting visual appeal. But top-notch, finely tuned ingredients are only the beginning. These little treasures deserve the best possible presentation whether to spoil yourself or make your loved one’s happy with a beautiful gift.

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